Anfibio Smash Multi

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Anfibio Smash Multi

The multi version of our Anfibio Smash easily converts in two canoe paddles. Both are infinitely adjustable in angle and length. A versatile packraft paddle for white water and touring alone or with a partner.

The Smash Multi transfers the characteristics of the classic Smash into a multi paddle version. With the two grip extensions, Smash Multi easily transforms from a kayak paddle into two single blade paddles.

The extra-large blades made of sealed fiberglass composite laminate are:

  1. rugged (strong)
  2. stiff (powerful)
  3. light (agile)
  4. smooth (water-repellent)
The asymmetrical surface has been complemented by a core center rib for a flutter-free stroke. This results in optimal paddle control and a guarantee of solid catch on aerated water.

The paddle can be disassembled into 6 parts for easy transport. The adjustable shaft allows a variable configuration:
  • As a kayak paddle, the length finely adjusts from 195 to 215 cm and the blade angle varies from 0° to 90°. Depending on the paddling style (power, endurance), conditions (wind, current) and use (white water, touring), you choose a short or long and low or high turned setting. It's like paddling with gears!
  • The canoe paddles will adjust from 120 to 150 cm depending on body size, boat type and use.

If you’re going alone or two-up and want to be flexible for white or calm water, you will get a versatile, high-quality paddle combination.

Weight kayak paddle / canoe paddle / total: 1100 g / 2 x 685 g / 1370 g

Length kayak paddle / canoe paddle: 195215 cm / 120 - 150 cm 

Longest segment: 64 cm 

Blade size: 46 * 19.5 cm

Parts: 6

Anglel: fully variable

Material: fiberglass composite laminated blades with core, fibreglass shaft

Construction: Clamp shaft ferrule, snap button blade ferrule, Drip rings

Author:  Robertjan K. on 04/05/2019
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!

I consider this paddle to be my best packrafting buy. Its a good match for the standard packrafts, and I can also use it as 2 canoeing-style paddles for my Adventure X2.

In case of packrafts you can have various demands: lightweight for hiking or bikepacking, 2-person for overnight packrafting, or just a standard size for 1-person daytime activities.
With paddles not so much: you just need a lightweight, strong and reasonably compact paddle. This one fits that bill perfectly. If you can buy just 1 paddle for all your packrafting needs, this is *THE* paddle.

I own 3 packrafts and with 2 of them I think this is the right paddle: the Alpha XC (not too much propulsion) and the Adventure X2 (both single kayaking mode, as well as canoeing mode with my buddy). For the Supai Flatwater Canyon, this paddle gives too much propulsion. Get an appropriate paddle instead.

I do think black would have been a better colour for camping illegally outside of campsites, but other than that this is my packrafting Best Buy.

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