Partner program (Tour operator)

Other companies that offer packrafting specific trainings and organize packrafting trips.


Tirio (Jason Taylor), our top partner in the UK, got fully accredited in liaison with Water Skills Academy and Rescue Emergency Care. Based in the heart of beautifull Snowdonia National Park/Wales, offering a range of day experiences from easy to moderate. Longer adventures will be available for those who like a challenge. We like their style, true pack and raft. 


Land Water Adventures (Sebastian Schmidt), not by coincidence in top position. The first tour operator who fully specializes on packrafting trips! Based in Germany, doing local “exotics” (Nahe, legendary “Hunsrücktour”), heading to Scandinavia, Iceland and Slovenia (Soca). A solid program!


Little Big Adventures (Theo Larn-Jones), UK based company featuring “Micro-Adventures”, including Packrafts. Their specialty is to organize trips “over the weekend” (3 nights), even to places like Norway! Often only one additional day of holiday is needed to receive a fully featured adventure. That’s unique!


Wildact Adventure (Johannes Kormann), Swiss and German team at home in Swedish-Lapland (Arvidsjaur) with their own farm and camp. Their summer activities includes packrafting into nature of northern Sweden. Enjoy a guest service on spot!


Trek ‘n Guide (Christoph Maretzek), network of international wilderness guides, starting to offer packrafting trips with a full fleet of new packrafts in Scotland and Alaska. More to come!


Jaako Heika Guidings, long term partner and guide from Finland with authentic adventures. An early adopter in terms of packrafting, thus with the longest history of experiences! Places include Svalbard, Greenland and Russia!


Bliss Adventure (Artturi Kröger), Finland, Supplier originally into winter guiding (hence the name), starting to incorporate a new fleet of packrafts in summer moths! Core heart adventurer themselves!


Zwergenstock (Peter Seifried), family friendly adventures mostly in Germany, butwith a fable for stone age techniques (experimental archeology). Yet, they use modern packrafts!


DKV Sportprogramm, S. 135 (Eckehard Schirmer), German sports association for kayaking and canoeing discovering packrafting. First trip is planned in North Sea (“Wattenmeer”)! Certainly new terrain.

This is an (incomprehensive) list on partners who use our products and enjoy our service. Are you missing on it? Do you need equipment to offer your own guiding? Get in touch!