Lightweight, inflatable and sturdy backpacking boats for the combination of hiking and paddling, e.g., travelling between on water and land. Please also check our comparison chart.

Anfibio packrafts

The original Anfibio design follows an ultralight concept with a robust construction. The clean outfit promises an extra small pack size, ideal for expeditions, adventure races, river trekking, white water or general use. All Anfibio Packrafts have been carbon offset since 2018. The glue free built it is environmentally very friendly. Packrafts of this brand are comfortable, agile and stable. Their particularly lightweight character makes its own segment in the market. Further brand information can be found at .

MRS packrafts

Our co-development and partner/contract brand MRS stands for extra rugged, streamlined, speedy packrafts in a great variety of sizes/colors and comprehensive outfit with an exceptional high manufacturing quality. These are multipurpose and specialized packrafts for any combined trips on water and land. They are known however for being faster packrafts. Manufacturing is carried out in small batches (handbuilt products). All products from our MRS line have a three-year warranty. To distinguish, they also carry the Anfibio logo for identification purposes.

Other brands

Selected models from third party suppliers (GP, Nortik, Kokopelli) complementing our range of classic Packrafts. Especially the GP (General Packraft) brand stands for a range of classic packrafts with good features at an attractive price. All manufacturer information and technical data have been checked and verified by us. Our comparison chart also provides a good overview of the various models for combined land/water tours.