FlexStrap (5 pcs)

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FlexStrap (5 pcs)

Pack of 5 lightweight, easy to handle, reclosable belts with high holding forces and high elongation. Insensitive to temperature, weather and cold. Extremely practical not only for outdoor activities of all kinds. 

Simple, light, flexible, universal and extremely high holding forces - these are the characteristics of the Flex Strap Softbinder. The system is initially reminiscent of an ordinary cable tie. However, its binding system allows the strap to be opened and closed as often as required and is highly flexible. 
This is made possible by the material and the construction of the detachable lashing straps. The tough elastic plastic (TPU) of which the belts are made is characterised by its high tear resistance as well as its temperature insensitivity. It can be used in a temperature range from -40°C to 85°C and remains flexible even at low temperatures with an elongation of up to 400%. Furthermore, it has a high UV and weather resistance and is therefore ideally suited for all outdoor applications.
Its special construction is particularly characterised by the patented double bond closure. It also makes it possible to connect two objects with one belt. The binding cannot wear out and the retaining lugs cannot break out, which in turn guarantees a long life. As simple as the principle is, as simple as it is to operate: with one hand the lock can be opened and closed. 
The Flex Strap is a good, simple and inexpensive alternative to conventional straps for packrafting. Whether you tie up the boat or the dry suit, fix the luggage on the bow or stern of the packrafts or attach the paddles to the backpack or bicycle, the packing straps quickly become a constant companion and can be easily extended as required. But the small all-rounders are also ideal for other indoor and outdoor uses: for sorting things in your backpack (climbing equipment, packed food, cooking utensils, ...), for fixing equipment (skis, crampons, sticks, fishing rods, ...) or in everyday life (as a mobile phone holder on the bike, as a classic cable tie, in the garden, ...).
Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane
Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C, for a short time even higher
Holding force: 100N, then 400% elongation

Length: 34cm

Width: 11mm

Color: black

Bundle: 5 pieces