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Update from our GP Packraft range -
March 2023: Update from our GP Packraft range

Besides new colours in the GP Packraft range, there are two new and complementary features with the option of a spraydeck on the GP Cargo and a TiZip on the GP Flow. In the Anfibio Packrafting Blog you can also now find a review of the GP Team, with an honest discussion of strengths and weaknesses, and a comparison with the MRS Adventure X2.

Anfibio Packrafts with new materials and fresh colours -
February 2023: Anfibio Packrafts with new materials and fresh colours

Better to look twice, familiar names come in a new guise! The Anfibio Packrafts Revo XL, Omega C2 and Rebel Duo have new colours with the corresponding material variant Plus(+) and our popular Smash paddle is back in a double and multi version. The technological background to these and other developments can be found on our organisation site.
August 2022: Blog Relaunch

Our blog has been given a new look! New is the clearer presentation of all posts by category (e.g. articles in English language), the improved display on mobile devices and the simplified search for (older) posts. Since 2010, the blog has been an initiative to establish packrafting in Europe. More than 200 articles deal with equipment, reviews, tutorials, community and tours in Germany, Europe and the world. Take a look at the latest blog article about Patagonia!
November 2021: With "Sacki" and "Stadtgecko" 180 km on the "Märkische Umfahrt"

Equipped with the Anfibio Rebel 2K and MRS Microraft 180 km on the "Märkische Umfahrt": In a multi-part Youtube series, Sacki and Stadtgecko take you on their eight-day packraft tour on the Spree and Dahme rivers. All videos of the series including Google Maps and Komoot maps as well as detailed equipment list can be found on the YouTube channels of Sacki and Stadtgecko. Even though the spoken parts of the videos are in German, the visual content is entertaining regardless of any language. You can also read about the tour in our blog.
October 2021: New Blog Post -  Short interview with the German Canoe Federation (DKV)

Who is Anfibio? What makes us and our packrafts different? And how do I recognise a good travel boat? You can read our short interview with the German Canoe Federation about Anfibio Packrafting in our latest blog post (even though the post is in German, any translator works fine).
September 2021: New Blog Post - Press Review 2021

A presentation or publication of currently collected press articles from us, with us or about us, i.e. articles on the subject of packrafting or with our products as novelties, tour tips, reviews and workshops can now be read in our blog. Even though the post is in German, any translator works fine.
July 2021: New blogpost - Reasons, basics, forward stroke - forward in the packraft

Every discipline has its fundamentals. So does packrafting! The forward stroke is one of the basics and, when executed effectively, serves to accelerate and move (as straight as possible). It also serves as the base for many other paddling maneuvers. Learn more about the forward stroke in our latest blog post (even though the post is in German, any translator works fine).
May 2021: #cultureofsafety

Following Luc Mehl's promotion of #cultureofsafety for introducing #thepackrafthandbook during the month of May we will be sharing products and resources in this temporary category to help #packraftsafety in relation to our recent 'Open Water III' blog post.
January 2021: New blog post - Nature conservancy and packrafts

In our latest blog post, Berit Arendt describes how nature conservancy and packrafts can work (or swim) together. With her Anfibio Alpha XC she goes on a "nature observation crawl" and observes the underwater events from the boat. Packrafts are ideal for silent wildlife observations and their photographic and film documentation. Even though the blog post is in German, any translation plug-in will work fine.
October 2020: Packrafting in 16 questions and answers

In an interview by Alexander Davydov (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) with Sven Schellin (Anfibio Packrafting) 16 question and answers cover our company's origin, general packrafting applications, special features and the current state of Anfibio. In few words the interview provides insights and background for packrafting in general and Anfibio in particular.