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Anfibio Revo XL (+)

The big Revo offers the same as the Revo CL, but a little bit more of everything - as you would expect from an XL version. It's a bit longer, wider, more powerful and, thanks to the TubeBags, can carry a good load. Also in Plus(+) material version available! 

The Revo XL is part of the Revos concept: the interplay of (lockable) self-bailing, profiled floor and the innovative TwinTailTM. Thanks to the bailing effect (splash water runs off through the bottom), the boats does not require a spraydeck and can also be configured as a lightweight, minimalist single. This results in a unique range of uses from whitewater to touring.

The special constructions correspond to those described in detail with the Revo CL:

The construction of the boat with and without the floor mat as well as the different (seat) configurations are analogously to those in the Revo CL or can be taken from the manual which is supplied with the boat. 

Revo XL differences
The XL variant relies on a larger outline. It is 10 cm longer, which creates space and speed. It has a tube diameter of 28 cm, which increases buoyancy and stability. TubeBags* (tube pockets) are available in the Revo XL, which ensures sufficient payload. In addition, there is a stronger floor and an optional Plus(+) material version available, which is appropriate for potentially high loads. The boat is a good choice especially for large and heavy riders, multi day tours or when extra comfort is needed. In the XL version even large people to a load of 120 kg can sit up entirely without seat directly on the mat.

Two centrally positioned and IPX7 waterproof luggage zippers with directly backed, airtight inner pockets result in a luggage storage space of 70 l each directly in the tube. The system is highly resistant to dirt and wear due to its design because it cannot leak via the zipper. Luggage is automatically positioned correctly and secured against slipping. The transport inside ensures a low center of gravity as well as a protection against moisture.

Paddling characteristics and application
The self-bailer has many advantages in general, including free exit and entry e.g. when transferring, sighting or after a capsize, while it is generally very capsize resistant. The floor mat is designed to fill the interior well, leaving little room for residual water. As a result the raft is very agile and maintains speed in turbulent water, e.g. when catching eddies. Even in massive waves, minimal water gets into the boat because the wide hull and high bow provide plenty of buoyancy. 

This could be interesting e.g. for bikerafters, who prefer an open boat (without spraydeck) due to the bike transport, but are still on moving, splashy water. The Revo XL finds its application in long (and short) ventures with mixed uses such as whitewater (luggage) tours, expeditions and long-distance travel. 

Like all Anfibio Packrafts the Revo XL is made of a special urethane (TPU) nylon fabric which has a high tear and abrasion resistance combined with low weight. The smooth and shiny surface of the tube coating is particularly scratch resistant.  Our TPU nylon used in its main version has proven itself for many years.

The Revo XL is also available in the Plus(+) material version, which is +17% heavier, but thanks to higher weave density, stronger fibres and increased layer thicknesses, it is even +80% stronger. The Plus(+) materials are recognisable by their own colours Pacific Blue+ and Terra Red. But they are also available in the familiar Green+

The Revo has an overlapping, double welded bottom, which additionally protects the side tubes. All the boat’s seams are fully welded and the tube seams are additionally sewn, making it a completely glue-free construction. This saves weight, costs and the environment! We are so confident with our build that we provide an extended 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Further background information on our technologies and materials can be found here.

Of course, no inflatable is indestructible, but in the (unlikely) event of damage field repairs can be made within a couple of minutes with LifePatch. Small pinholes can be sealed with Aquasure, a liquid urethane sealant.

Carbon footprint
All Anfibio Packrafts produced since 2018 have been carbon offset through selected climate protection projects. Learn more.

Social standards
Anfibio pays attention to safe and fair working conditions during the production. How we check social standards during manufacturing, we describe here.

Ships with:
  • Pack strap
  • Inflation bag
  • Inflatable floor mat
  • Packseat light
  • 5P thigh straps
  • Comfort BackBand
  • handpump
  • Repair kit (tube and floor material)
  • Manual
  • Foam Seat (optional)
  • Tubes: 210 denier nylon, one side, clear urethane (TPU) laminated with surface finish (gloss)
    • Plus(+) version: high-density 420 den nylon fabric, clear urethane (TPU) coating on one side, incl. gloss surface finish
  • Floor: Plus(+) 840 denier high weave density nylon, double urethane (TPU) coated on both sides (0.15mm)
  • Seats: 210 denier nylon, urethane (TPU) laminated on one side
  • TubeBags: 210 denier nylon, urethane (TPU) laminated on one side

Asymmetric and tapering hull tubes with rocker (upturned, pointy bow), double stern (TwinTailTM, registered Design), overlapping and profiled floor, sealable bailing hose, 8  grab loops, 10 mounts for Comfort BackBand and thigh straps, main non-return valve, mount for fin/skeg
Glue-free construction with sewn and welded seams
  • Boat (with TubeBags): 2750g
    • Plus(+) version (with TubeBag): 2980 g
  • Boat (without TubeBags): 2525g (only Plus(+) version available)
  • Inflatable floor: 760g
  • Comfort BackBand: 160g
  • Packseat Light: 130g
  • Boat (with TubeBags) complete: 3800g
    • Plus(+) version (with TubeBag) complete: 4030 g
  • Boat (without TubeBags) complete: 3575 g  (only Plus(+) version available)
  • Thigh straps: 145g
  • Foamt seat
  • Pack strap: 25g
  • Inflation bag: 100g
  • Repair fabric: 20g
  • Length: 135cm
  • Width: 36cm
  • Length: 247cm
  • Width: 92cm
Waterline: 220cm
Tube diameter: 28cm
Packing size:
without TubeBags: about 30 x 20cm
with TubeBags: about 30 x 25cm

Speed: 5kph
Buoyancy: 170kg
Available colors: Silverlake Blue/Sunny Yellow, Fresh Green+, Terra Red+/Pacific Blue+ 
Carbon footprint
CO2 emissions: Boat with TubeBags: 113,47 kg, calculation details according to reference model Rebel 2K
CO2 compensation: fully offset (carbon neutral), see offset certificate


Author:  James Y. on 06/10/2022
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!

I used my Revo XL on several occasions this summer to undertake some local trips. I loved the packability and light weight of the raft which allowed me to run/hike up the river, paddle a section then pack up and head home. This meant that I got out on the river heaps more than I would have expected to with my plastic kayak, and I paddled new sections of river that previously hadn't been possible as the access points were inaccessible from the road without a long walk in.

Then this autumn I organised a packraft trip down the River Spey in Scotland from “source” (Loch Insch) to “sea” (Fochabers) using three Anfibio Revo XL rafts. We easily covered over 20km a day and carried all our kit with us for the four day trip, mostly in the storage tubes.
Reflections on the raft? Absolutely loved it. Most of all I loved it's versatility. The skeg made a huge difference on the flatter sections, improving the directional stability massively. The drainage tube was incredibly effective on the rapids and I never had any excess water in the raft. The drainage tube did create noticeable drag on the flat bits in between the rapids but then that's not really surprising. We used the inflatable floor on both flat water and whitewater sections as the water was cold and it kept us insulated from it. The floor kept it's pressure amazingly well and either didn't need topping up at all or only a small fraction each morning.

The raft was comfortable to paddle for several hours at a time, though I had to play with the inflatable backrest to get the exact position and support I wanted. With the thigh braces engaged I felt really connected to the raft and able to move the boat around in the rapids with confidence. The dry storage tubes are genius and having everything stashed away, safe and dry was excellent. I kept all my kit that I wasn't using in the evenings in these tubes too, so pack up was quick and I knew I hadn't left anything behind!

The boat felt stable throughout and I really wasn't aware that I was carrying about 18kg of kit. I had an 80L rucksack which I lashed to the back of the boat using some decklines and, again, had no problems with this set up at all. And the best bit? I carried the raft onto my flight in my hand luggage at the end of the trip.

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