MRS Alligator 2S Pro

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MRS Alligator 2S Pro

The Pro version of the Alligator 2S with an advanced outfitting, unique design and special material. A packraft for demanding users, especially for guides, athletes and ambitious adventurers! Also available as oversize XXL.

Based on years of experience, numerous tests and many development steps, there is another flagship in the packraft world, the Alligator 2S Pro. 

A sporty yet versatile packraft for demanding use, especially for guides, professionals, sportsmen and ambitious adventurers! For experts, it is a reliable tool, for moderate use it offers fun and reserves and for everyone it is to feel comfortable!

The characteristics of the Alligator 2S Pro lie in the detail:

The general outfitting and geometry is otherwise identical to the tried and tested Alligator 2S! But if you can stand a little extra weight, this provides extra performance. Distinguish yourself! The Alligator 2S Pro is part of the MRS StreamlineSoptimization.

Shape and construction

The classy look comes from the narrow, tapering geometry based on 27-cm main tubes. We think this is the optimal tube size to combine the benefits of agility and nimbleness while retaining comfort and stability. 

The well-balanced rocker is especially refined, with a moderate bow upturn catching eddies effectively, while keeping the boat boof-able thanks to the small stern raise. The pointy, upswept nose climbs over or punches through waves.

A relatively long waterline provides good speed and acceleration, which is also a excellent touring characteristic. Its a real speedy packraft!

The packraf has a preinstalled soft mount for a removable fin/skeg for better tracking and increased speed. A small fin (mini skeg) is included in the delivery. A larger, more effective fin (Anfibio Skeg) can be chosen optional or purchased later. 

Internal rigging

A main feature in the Alligator 2S Pro's handling are the ergonomically cut 2x5-point thigh straps, which enclose the knee from two sides to provide excellent support. The straps are fully adjustable by four ladders and also removable.

The profiled seating and ergonomic backrest make a superior body position. Along with the boat’s close fit, the whole internal rigging helps it to responds and edge like a kayak, while still being easy to escape. 

The spray deck features a cockpit which houses flexible aluminium poles that form the coaming rim. The paddler’s spray skirt is secured over the rim. The spacious hatch/cockpit almost feels like an open boat, so can be enjoyed without a sprayskirt in calm or warm conditions. Then, when needed, the seal is absolutely leak proof and secure, while opening reliably and effortlessly when you need to bail out fast.

Size and fitting

At 126cm, the interior length suits users up to 195cm (XXL up to 210cm). If prefered, users can fit a spacer/foot brace such as an inflatable device, foam pad, strap (loops provided) or any other bag. Tall persons bear in mind the narrow foot box won’t be suited to big boots.

Additional hull pressure and stiffness can be achieved with a hand pump (besides inflating with a nylon bag), so there is no need for longside bracing (tension against the bow and stern for rigidity) for added response and control in whitewater. However, the boat also works fine at regular, bag pressures.

The Alligator 2S Pro features a snug fit. Technical boaters will like the superior hip connection to the boat which greatly improves performance and response, especially in whitewater. However, the narrow design runs well on calm water too. 

The Alligator 2S Pro is also available as oversize version (XXL). Especially suitable for larger and/or wider persons. Due to the higher volume also ideal for bigger water. Enjoy the forgiving character and faster hull. For details see specifications. 

Design and manufacturing

The Alligator 2S Pro is a co-development between Anfibio Packrafting and MRS (Micro Rafting System). Combined with MRS’s manufacturing expertise and fabric know-how, our years of packrafting experience helped refine the design of the final product.

Serial production takes place in the Far East with manufacturing carried out in small, hand-built batches. All products have an extended three-year warranty. 

All that is expressed by its unique design of red seam tapes on black segments! 

Material and repairability

The tube fabric features 420D Nylon with single side urethane coating with a higher degree of hardness. The floor features an Aramid fibre for exceptional tear resistance – partly cut fabric cannot be torn by hand. The excellent adhesive qualities of the PU coating makes the boat extremely durable, enhanced by a special treatment for a smooth, scratch-resistant finish. Being light, UV-tolerant, non-ageing and flexible at low temperatures, this packraft is a lot tougher than its weight and packed size would suggest.

In the unlikely event of sustaining damage, repairs can be done in the field with LifePatch, which bonds to the urethane surface extremely well. Small pinholes can be sealed with Stormsure, a liquid urethane sealant. Just any major damage, should they happen, can be repaired with spare fabric and contact glue at home or in our workshop.


Ships with

  • Pack strap
  • Inflation bag
  • Coaming poles (4 pcs)
  • Spray skirt (detachable)
  • 2 x 5-point thigh straps (adjustable)
  • Comfort/Performance seat
  • Comfort/Performance backrest (removable)
  • 2 Internal drybags
  • Spare tube and floor material
  • Manual
  • Mini skeg


  • Tubes: 420-denier high-strengt Nylon with single side Urethane coating (3,5mil 67T*55T 90 A Ether TPU) and smooth surface finish (gloss), black pigments (higher degree of hardness), weathering resistant and anti-hydrolysis
  • Floor: 840-denier, high tear resistant Aramid fibre with multiple urethane coating (6mil 67T*55T 90 A Ether TPU) and surface finish, weathering resistant, anti-hydrolysis
  • Spray Deck: 210-denier Ripstop Nylon with 420D reinforcements, 2,4mil single-sided, transparent urethane coating, velcro and waterproof zipper, weathering resistant, anti-hydrolysis
  • Seat and Back rest: 210-denier weaved Nylon with 2,8mil single-sided urethane coating, weathering resistant, anti-hydrolysis


Racy design with tapering bow and well-balanced rocker. Upturned, pointy bow, elongated/extended stern, slim body fit. Six stern grab loops, four bow grab loops, two long loops inside, six-point thigh straps. Main, non-return valve, TiZip Superseal, fin/skeg mount

The Alligator 2S Pro is part of the MRS StreamlineSoptimization.


Triple construction: sewn with high-tensile thread; heat-welded tubes; contact glued floor with taped edges. This creates a bond that ‘s stronger than the hull fabric. Heat-welded and taped spray deck, special red seam tapes


Boat: 3360g (incl. cover, TiZip, tie downs)
Skirt / poles: 330g / 160g
Seat and backrest: 180g / 120g

Boat complete: 4150g

Pack strap: 24g
Inflation bag: 195g
Repair Kit: 20g
Thigh straps: 180g
Stuff bags: 80g each


   Length: 132cm
   Width at hips: 33cm

   Length: 256cm
   Width: 87cm

Waterline: 200cm

Tube diameter: 27cm
Packing size: ~ 40 x 25 cm (like a two person tent)
Longest pole segment (Spray deck coaming): 60cm

Speed: 5km/h

Buoyancy: 140kg


Oversize version (XXL):


Boat: 3720g (incl. cover)
Skirt / poles: 330g / 160g
Seat and backrest: 180 / 120g

Boat complete: 4510g

Pack strap: 24g
Inflation bag: 195g
Repair Kit: 20g
Thigh straps: 180g


   Length: 139cm
   Width at hips: 35cm

   Length: 272cm
   Width: 95cm

Waterline: 212cm

Tube diameter: 30cm
Packing size: ~ 40 x 30cm (like a two person tent) 
Longest pole segment (Spray deck coaming): 60cm

Speed: 5-6 km/h

Buoyancy: 180 kg

Colour: Black with red seams


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