MRS Barracuda R2 Pro

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MRS Barracuda R2 Pro

The Barracuda R2 Pro is a tandem packraft with performance hull design, made from tough fabric and fitted with combi seats (for kneeling or sitting) plus removable spraydeck for two. Internal Storage System (ISS) is included. The boat can be used as open and fully enclosed boat.

The development or evolution in packrafting calls the Barracuda R2 Pro a technically advanced travel boat, a performance packraft for two. The specs are similar to those of the Alligator 2S Pro. However, R2 stands likewise for Race or Recreation - just like your preference, to be used with your partner any case. Fast and dry, the Barracuda R2 Pro is a fully functional two-person packraft. The Barracuda R2 Pro is part of the MRS StreamlineSoptimization. 

Kayak and canoe in one packraft

The unique combi-seats of the Barracuda R2 allow a kneeling position (saddle / rider seat) or a normal sitting position (seat cushion). The spray skirts can be closed in BOTH positions (sitting or kneeling). The conversion of the seat positions takes less than 2 minutes (turning the seat 90° and fixing 4 straps on the floor or side tube). The boat can be paddled with single bladed (canoe style) or with a double bladed paddle (kayak style).

Characteristics in overview
  1. Performance hull design
  2. Combi-seats for kneeling or sitting
  3. Spraydeck for two people, fully removable
  4. Stronger tube material (420D)
  5. Preinstalled soft mount for a removable fin/skeg
  6. Internal Storage System (cargo zipper) included (standard).

1. The way over three-metre Barracuda has a dynamic hull design. The pointed bow matches the elongated stern to create a long waterline with a well-balanced rocker, providing the greatest speed for the boat length. As a result the Barracuda remains stable and agile.

2. The snug kneeling position straddling the removable seats provides efficient canoe-style paddling with its superior visibility. Turning the seat 90° makes a comfortable cushion. Both paddlers will have a backrest. Especially taller people appreciate the 217cm long interior space for sitting. 

3. The (removable) spraydeck puts the Barracuda in another league. As with the single Alligator 2S it is an effective solution to swamping in rough water or heavy rain. The spray deck features a cockpit which houses flexible poles that form the coaming rim. The paddler’s spray skirt is secured over the rim. Then, when needed, the seal is absolutely leak proof and secure, while opening reliably and effortlessly when you need to bail out fast.

However, the spraydeck can be completely removed thanks to the circumferential zipper. This means the boat can also be used as an open boat. The open configuration can be enjoyed in warm or cold conditions and saves 1.5kg in weight, which makes it especially interesting for backpacking.

4. The tube fabric features 420D Nylon with single side urethane coating with a higher degree of hardness. The floor features an Aramid fibre for exceptional tear resistance – partly cut fabric cannot be torn by hand. The excellent adhesive qualities of the PU coating makes the boat extremely durable, being light, UV-tolerant, non-ageing and flexible at low temperatures.

5. The packraf has a preinstalled soft mount for a removable fin/skeg for better tracking and increased speed. A small fin (mini skeg) is included in the delivery. A larger, more effective fin (Anfibio Skeg) can be chosen optional or purchased later. 

6. Last but not least, the Internal Storage System (cargo zipper) comes standard with the Barracuda R2 Pro, making it a real freigther. Please note the information and care instruction to the Internal Storage System.


The Barracuda R2 Pro is for teamwork. It excels on anything to achieve good performance by two:

  • Long distance paddling
  • Adventure competitions 
  • Whitewater canoeing
  • Remote explorations
  • Recreation paddling
  • Fishing and hunting

The boat can be used on lakes, rivers, open whitewater and sheltered ocean bays alike, but mind good teamwork and reasonable action on moveing water. Airplanes, RVs, trains and busses make it a perfect travel boat.

Please note

Like most packrafts, the Barracuda R2 Pro has a non-inflatable floor so when used in the kneeling position beyond deep, calm water we recommend wearing knee pads, like from skating or a foam floor mat. However, in seating position the plain floor is no harm (having a seat cushion).

For good and safe performance it is important to pay attention to the right air pressure (especially in cold water). Because of the dynamics in a double, low pressure can lead to distortions and bends of the hull, which can be critical especially on moving water.

In the unlikely event of sustaining damage, repairs can be done in the field with LifePatch, which bonds to the urethane surface extremely well. Small pinholes can be sealed with Stormsure, a liquid urethane sealant. Just any major damage, should they happen, can be repaired with spare fabric and contact glue at home or in our workshop.

The Barracuda R2 Pro is another co-development between Anfibio Packrafting and MRS (Micro Rafting System). Combined with MRS’s manufacturing expertise and fabric know-how, our years of packrafting experience helped refine the design of the final product. Serial production takes place in the Far East with manufacturing carried out in small, hand-built batches. All products have an extended three-year warranty. 


This double packraft, the Barracuda R2 Pro, redefines tandem packrafting all new! Especially the completely removable spraydeck makes the boat very versatile and convenient.

Ships with:

  • boat with deck and cargo zip 
  • two combi seats (for sitting or kneeling)
  • two backrests
  • pack strap
  • inflation bag
  • two coaming poles (4 pcs)
  • two spray skirt (detachable)
  • two Internal drybags (ISS)
  • spare tube and floor material
  • manual
  • mini skeg


  • Tubes: 420-denier high-strengt Nylon with single side Urethane coating (3,5mil 67T*55T 90 A Ether TPU) and smooth surface finish (gloss), black pigments (higher degree of hardness), weathering resistant and anti-hydrolysis
  • Floor: 840-denier, high tear resistant  Aramid fibre with multiple urethane coating (6mil 67T*55T 90 A Ether TPU) and surface finish, weathering resistant, anti-hydrolysis
  • Spray Deck: 210-denier Ripstop Nylon with 420D reinforcements, 2,4mil single-sided, transparent urethane coating, velcro and zipper, weathering resistant, anti-hydrolysis
  • Seat and Back rest: 210-denier weaved Nylon with 2,8mil single-sided urethane coating, weathering resistant, anti-hydrolysis


Racy design with parallel sided hull, elongated/extended bow and stern (symmetric) and well-balanced rocker (slightly upturned, pointy bow and stern), slim body fit. Four stern grab loops, four bow grab loops, two long loops inside, Main, non-return (one way) valve, Ti-Zip Zipper, fin/skeg mount

The Barracuda R2 Pro is part of the MRS StreamlineSoptimization. 

Speed: 7 km/h

Buoyancy: 300kg

Workmanship: Triple construction: sewn with high-tensile thread; heat-welded tubes; contact glued floor with taped edges. This creates a bond that‘s stronger than the hull fabric. Heat-welded and taped spray deck, special red seam tapes


Boat with cargo zip and deck: 5275g
Combi seats: 2 x 240g 
Back rests: 300g + 120g
Spray skirts: 2 x 330g
Coaming: 2 x 160g
Removable spraydeck: 515g

Boat complete: 7670g

Pack strap: 24g
Inflation bag: 195g 
Repair Material: 20g
ISS Bags: 220g



  •  Length: 217 cm
  •  Width: 37 cm


  • Length: 360cm
  • Width: 99cm
  • Waterline: 320cm
  • Tube diameter: 31cm

Packing size: about 50 x 35cm

Color: black with read seams


Author:  Ivan N. on 31/07/2020
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!

The boat is excelent. We took it to Alaska, while originally planned three weeks trip (three days hiking, three days sea) in no man's land. Plans did turn as expected and apart of sea we used the boat even on unexplored rivers up to WW IV filled with 25kg cargo and two men. The rivers were full of wood, sometimes sharp, but the boat stood up without any damage. Unfortunatelly, the backpack with the boat was stolen on the way back by airlines (or airport) personnel. We liked it so much that we are buying second same boat for our next year trip to Kamtchatka.

Anfibio Packrafting store also worked well when we first bought it and advised on potential repairs though they were fortunatelly not needed.

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