Six Moon Designs Flex PR

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Six Moon Designs Flex PR

Lightweight dry bag hauling system for different loads working with anything between 30-80l. The separation of drybag and harness makes it flexible, waterproof and durable. An advanced carrying system allows substantial loads up to 22kg. Re-designed 2021!

The Flex Pack is a dry bag hauling system, also referred as a 'multipack'. The separation of drybag and harness makes it flexible, reliably waterproof (in contrast to classic back packs) and reasonable (for the time the drybag has worn out, the Flex Pack allows you to exchange just the bag for reasonable costs, rather than being forced into buying an entirely new pack).  


The Six Moon Flex Pack can be chosen with different (40/50/60l) or your own (without) dry bag. The included bags all feature a compression valve and are made of sturdy but light PU nylon. The removable straps on the bottom of the backpack also allows the use of two elongated packbags (e.g. ISS bags) in the carrying system, which makes the Sixmoon Flex PR an ideal addition to a packraft with ISS system. Next to the bag other equipment can be stored separately, in particular a packraft with paddle, life jacket or helmet. The system offers various expansion options. You will find the Flex Pack capable of carrying heavy gear while storing away compactly and waterproof (including the harness) once back on the water. 

The harness of the pack corresponds to that of the Six Moon Fusion 65 and is thus one of the lightest and structurally most stable harness on the market! It is capable of comfortably carrying significantly more weight than any pack of a similar weight. The advanced structure easily transfers weight to hips, even under significant loads.


Ideal for various adventure sports inluding:

  • Packrafting
  • Canyoning
  • Winter trips/ski and snow shoe touring
  • Boating trips with lots of portages, approach hikes etc.
  • Trekking in humid, wet environments like rain forests  
  • Fishing and hunting


The Flex Pack features a unique suspension system that allows free shoulder strap positioning, thus there is no actual (torso) sizing needed. All parts are completely removable.

Torso: universal (adjustable), from 38 - 56 cm length

Hip belt (waist size):

  • S: 68 - 99cm (padded lenght: 65cm)
  • M: 79 - 104cm (padded lenght: 76cm)
  • L: 89 - 140cm (padded lenght: 86cm)

Shoulder harness (length, like standard sizing):

  • S: 40cm
  • M: 43cm
  • L: 47cm

Dry bag (upon choice, compare pictures)

  • 40l Anfibio Multibag in blue
  • 50l Sixmoon bag in yellow
  • 60l Anfibio Multibag in black 

Other features

  • Eight straps for securing your load
  • Minimal contact back panel
  • Interior zippered stash pocket
  • Front stash pocket for paddle blades
  • Rear vertical zippered pocket
  • Elastic lashing cord
  • Multi-point compression
  • Numerous external lashing points
  • Dual removable side pockets with variable installing options
  • Removable bottom straps for additional stabilization of the dry bags


With exceptional load carrying ability and versatility the Flex Pack is the choice for adventure racers, expedition travelers involving water and off trail bushwhacking.


Body: 30-80l (depending on chosen dry bag size)
Exterior Pockets: 10l (hip, shoulder, front)
Total: 30-90l


  • Frame: 949g
  • Dry bag: 230g (40l), 250g (50l), 350g (60l)
  • Shoulder harness: 179 g (S) l 170g (M) l 162g (L)
  • Hip belt:  300g (S) l 330g (M) l 380g (L)
  • Total: 1.449g (M)

Recommended load: 10-22 kg 

  • Pack body: 100D Robictm (double layers)
  • Body contact: 3D Mesh
  • Pockets: 4 Way stretch
  • Drybags: 210D PU-Nylon

Color: Gray

Ships with:

Frame, harness, hip belt, adjustment tool, dry bag upon choice (Blue 40l, Black 60l Anfibio Multibag or yellow 50l l Sixmoon bag), dual removable side pockets, paddle and packraft (as shown on picture) not included.