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March 2022: We are breaking new ground!

With five new Anfibio Packrafts and an expanded variety of partner and third-party brands, we are not only increasing the number of models, but also deliver entirely new concepts and expanded applications. Our updated comparison chart lists 34 packrafts on three pages. In addition, to complement our Store, we are taking the perspective of Anfibio as a brand and a company with another website. The new website is a digital experience with insights and background information about Anfibio Packrafting. Our Store continues to fulfil its role as a specialist shop and service point on the subject of packrafting
May 2021: #cultureofsafety

Following Luc Mehl's promotion of #cultureofsafety for introducing #thepackrafthandbook during the month of May we will be sharing products and resources in this temporary category to help #packraftsafety in relation to our recent 'Open Water III' blog post.
August 2018: Packrafts on MDR BIWAK

New TV feature with the team of MDR BIWAK and our Packrafts in Montenegro at the Skutari Lake and in the Cijevna Canyon (Albanian Alps). The programme "BIWAK rocks the Balkans" runs on 20 and 21.08.2018 at 19:50 on MDR television. Background information about the tour can be found in the blog.

Total entries: 3