Want to sample the magic of packrafting? Choose from our range of well-equipped packrafts and accessories for a weekend to weeks. Delivery by mail. Pay per use and try before buy! Returning boats need to be clean and dry. Please allow a minimum of 10-14 days ahead to your order and note availability overview on page bottom.


Packraft with accessories for one weekend

Try a packraft out*. Delivery on Friday, return on Monday.

from 63,36 EUR

16 % VAT incl.

Packraft with accessories on a long weekend

Test a packraft on full 4 days*, e.g. delivery on Wednesday, return on Monday.

from 92,61 EUR

16 % VAT incl.

Packraft with accessories per week

Use a packraft extensively*. This week has 9 days! Delivery in addition (Fr/Mo).

from 131,60 EUR

16 % VAT incl.

Packraft with accessories for two weeks

Employ a packraft on up to 16 days*. Time for shipping not included!

from 190,08 EUR

16 % VAT incl.

Packraft with accessories for three weeks

Have a packraft for (one) big trip*. A whole summer vacation long.

from 243,70 EUR

16 % VAT incl.

Packraft with accessories for four weeks

Have a packraft for (one or two) big trip*. A whole summer vacation long.

from 292,44 EUR

16 % VAT incl.

Packrafts are too expensive? Considering cost of production certainly not, but if used only once or twice the purchase might not pay off. 

This also is a chance to try before buy. No risk! If you buy a packraft (except within the next 12 months after the rental, we will refund the weekend rental fee per boat (except other discounts). 


You simply order the package over the shop system. Please make a selection on size/model and the planned date. Best to allow a minimum 10-14 days ahead and mind availability. Delivery at home takes place the previous day of the selected period latest.  

Return the boat the day after the booking period (normally Monday morning). All rentals in Germany inlcude the return shipping. For all other countries the return shipping costs have to be covered by yourself. The selected package is reserved as soon as we receive the order. Delivery is assured with payment reception.

Returning the boats need to be clean and dry.


*Rental packages must only be used on water that do NOT correspond with European inland waterways and the coastal waters (e.g. large waters navigable by vessels). We refer to our user agreement for rentals. 

**WW Set: optional white water set (contains drysuit, helmet and white water PFD). For standard rental contents see data under specifications. 


The rental package contains one of the following Packraft models: MRS Adventure X2, MRS Alligator 2S, MRS Nomad S1 light
including following accessories:
  • Life vest /PFD (Secumar Vivo 50)
  • Break down paddle (Anfibio Basic 4p or Anfibio Basic Multi) 
**WW set: Optional white water accessories, contains a drysuit, helmet and white water PFD.
Please indicate model in a booking selection. Use the product description for information.
Shipping within the European Union is 15 € one way. Return charges need to be covered individually. Please understand that we have to take a copy of your passport (email, fax, mail) for security reasons in a mailing based rental system. Please note, our general terms and conditions contain the following User Agreement that applies for rentals (see tab).

Please note that we only have a limited supply of rental equipment. The following models are available according to the calendar view.

User Agreement

This offer is a temporary right of use for rental and test purposes. Period, rate, delivery and type of use are determined by the booking. Our general terms and conditions contain the following addtional regulations for such timely limited applications.
  1. The use will be carried out under your full own responsibility including all obligations regarding inspection and information. Any involved risks are to be examined as it would appear on using your own property.
  1. It is especially advised to follow the safety, conservation and transportation rules on waterways.
  2. European inland waterways and the coastal waters (eg large waters navigable by (motor) ship and vessels) MUST NOT be run in a rental package.
  1. Cancellations can be carried out upto 5 days before shipping.
  1. Any damage out of unreasonable use, loss or delayed returns need to be covered by the customer and have to be declared upon return. All items have to be sent back clean and dry. Otherwise we have to apply a cleaning/drying fee of 15€ per boat.
Responsibilities by Anfibio Packrafting (Schellin & Kreinacker GbR)
  1. Providing and timely delivery of fully functional and maintained products
  1. Covering all defects on workmanship and material analogue to a product warranty
  1. Liability on intention or gross negligence
With confirmation of your booking you noticed and acknowledged these conditions as a user agreement as part of our General Terms and Conditions. If there are any parts in this regulation, which do not accord to law, all other parts of our general terms and conditions shall remain.