Lösit MEK cleaner/solvent, 500ml

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Lösit MEK cleaner/solvent, 500ml

Shipping only available for designated counties! Cleaner and solvent (dilution) for plastic adhesives. Removes grease, oil and dirt from plastic, rubber surfaces and tools/brushes. Simplifies the processing, increases the yield and prolongs the processing time of Helaplast.

Cleaner to remove grease, oil and dirt from plastic and rubber surfaces before carrying out glueing jobs. Also suitable to dissolve ELASTOSAL® PU500 and HELAPLAST plastic adhesives.

The solution (dilution) of HELAPLAST simplifies the application (brush) of the contact adhesive, especially at warm temperatures. The processing time can therefore be considerably longer (slower drying of the mixture). In addition, the yield of the adhesive is significantly increased.

We recommend MEK for longer, larger glueing jobs or to cut smaller amounts of adhesive.

Cleans brushes and tools after work is done.

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