Patch 'n Go (universal tape)

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Patch 'n Go (universal tape)

Adhesive quick repair tape to use in the field for Packrafts, dry bags and even more

Adhesive quick repair tape to use in the field for Packrafts, dry bags and even more

Repairable Materials: Urethane, Polyvinyl, Kevlar, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Nylon, Hypalon, Fiberglass, Mylar


  • Clear
  • Ultra Violet resistant
  • Abrasive resistive
  • Flexible
  • No cure time
  • No messy liquid adhesive to dry up
  • Minimum surface prep
  • No shelf life
  • Excellent adhesive strength

Nothing is indestructible of course. In an unlike event however, repair can be done in the field as a permanent solution with Patch`n Go. The tape is so adhesive on urethane surface that it bonds permanently. The surface must be clean and dry of course and sharp edges need to be rounded out. Note: The patch needs to be activated by vigorously rubbing, when it is in place.

For serious ventures in the wilderness some extra does no harm, but there is no need to exaggerate. Tesa ISOfix also does a good job to get home safely.

We also have good expiriences in repair of latex (e.g. cuffs or socks on dry suits).


  1. Clean the area around the hole/tear with the Alcohol Swab (provided in the Kit)
  2. Be sure the patch extends at least 2,5 cm from all damaged areas
  3. Partially peel back the backing on the patch and apply the leading edge of the adhesive backed film to the cleaned surface
  4. Apply the patch slowly, removing the backing while smoothing the patch from the center outward toward the edges
  5. Once the patch has been applied, vigorously rub (!) the patch with the plastic squeegee (provided in the Kit) to enhance the bonding
  6. The patch will display excellent initial bonding within minutes of application, and the item will be ready for use. Further bonding will take place as the adhesive cures

Comes as Kit (7,5cm x 25cm Patch'n'go tape and 2 Alkohol pads, scraper and instruction, all in a waterproof plastic container, manual) or Roll (ca. 7,5cm x 50cm).

"Kit" ships with:

  • 7,5cm x 25cm Patch'n'go tape
  • 2 Alkohol pads
  • scraper and instruction
  • small waterproof plastic container
  • manual

"Roll"ships with:
  • 7,5cm x 50cm Patch'n'go tape