Repair service for Drysuits (seals, footlets, P-Zip)

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Shipping time: 2-3 weeks

Repair service for Drysuits (seals, footlets, P-Zip)

Repair / replacement of gaskets (latex/neoprene), socks and P-Zip on dry suits.


Possible repairs/retrofits (please choose)

  • Latex gasket (neck, wrist, ankle)
  • Latex footlets
  • P-Zip
  • Neopren neck gasket

The price is per pair (cuffs or socks) or item (P-Zip, gasket). Material is includedFor other manufacturers then Anfibio we charge 50,00 EUR extra.

Please mark the gaskets to be repaired with some tape and include the print out order confirmation to the shipment.

For repairs, please send your dry suit to:

Anfibio Packrafting Store
Körnerplatz 3d
04107 Leipzig

Please dry and clean your suit thoroughly before you send it to us. Cleaning work carried out by us on the suit, which is necessary to ensure a proper and contractual modification and/or repair, will be charged with additional 50,00 EUR/hour. This also includes the removal of glue, patch and/or adhesive tape residues. We will not start working on your suit until you have approved all the work and the order has been paid.