Anfibio PackSuit

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Anfibio PackSuit

Actively breathable drysuit made from 3-layer material. Light and compact, yet robust and fully waterproof.

Ordering note

You can choose a PackSuit in stock under "configuration' with set options (size/color/features). If you want a specific selection (production on demand), processing time will be 4-6 weeks at the moment.
Feedback: "Just something else I wanted to say. The anfibio drysuit is just outstanding for its weight and has kept me completely dry until now after many swims, no leakage at all through the neoprene neck gasket so far. So just wanted to say you've done a great job with the anfibio drysuit." Joery Truyen
General info
Drysuits are ideal for Packrafters, as normal (hiking) clothes can be worn underneath staying totally dry. No need for heavy wet suits anymore. The drysuit itself is simple and thus very compact. No gimmicks such as pockets, braces, extra layers or neck covers. As a result our drysuit is robust, portable and affordable.
The Anfibio PackSuit focuses on a drysuit's core necessities: waterproof seals at the wrist, neck and ankle in conjunction with a fabric composed of a polyester inner and a robust nylon shell sandwiching a microporous waterproof/breathable membrane. This creates a light and functional suit that is comfortable to wear in and out of the boat.
The wide chest zipper allows for easy entry as well as half way closures to enable ventilation in calm water or on the shore. Wearing it rolled down to the chest or waist is good for walking short distances ('hiking mode'). The high position of the zipper also reduces failures from debris and dirt. And it does not interfere with sitting and paddling in the boat or wearing a PFD.
A drysuit is not only a factor of comfort, but is also a matter safety. Cold water is one of the biggest risks in boating. Moreover, many rivers are only navigable in cooler seasons. A drysuit allows you to extend your paddling season from early spring to late fall. In the north European winter a drysuit is an essential accessory. In all counries far north, like Scandinavia, Scotland, Icland and Canada you will enjoy the benefits year round.
Neck seal: latex or neoprene
Soft neoprene offers instant comfort while rubbery latex makes a bombproof seal. Latex is 50g heavier and needs to be worn in*. It depends how much time one spends under water. Eskimo rollers and swimmers go latex. Casual boater and tourer go neoprene. Smooth neopren is still a very good seal on brief immersions, but it can't be  guaranteed to 100% with extended swims. A lot of packrafters prefer Neoprene, but some say a drysuit needs to be dry in all circumstances. The choice is yours! 
* The neck seal comes tight in order to ensure waterproofness for slim necks. Try on for size before use in the field to allow the latex to stretch, if needed. To pre-stretch use a 10-litre bucket or beachball overnight. You can also trim the cone-shaped seal aperture to increase the diametre. Make sure you trim in small, 1-cm increments.
Feet: latex cuffs or dry socks
Latex cuffs are already included in the basic price of a suit. They close tightly at the ankle, leaving the feet free. The cuffs may restrict the blood supply, which can lead to cold feet in some cases. Extra latex socks or neoprene socks can be worn if needed. Latex cuffs are more appropriate for longer walks.

Dry socks are waterproof footies made of latex or made of fabric and attached directly to the suit. The entire suit is easier to put on because the foot does not have to be forced through a tight cuff. The biggest advantage is that the feet stay dry while wading and swimming. To keep the feet warm, you should put thick socks underneath.

Latex dry socks are quite sturdy and flexible, so they fit the foot well. Fabric dry socks are a little more delicate, but breathable. To protect the booties (and the feet), you should wear shoes. The choice of footwear can range from sandals to sturdy (hiking) shoes, depending on the planned use.

Our recommendation is latex dry socks. Therefore, these are included with most of our pre-configured suits.

*Latex cuffs/dry socks are wearable items. UV light, sunscreen and mechanical stress can reduce the life span. However, they can be easily replaced. Replacement is also available as a service. For maintenance we recommend Gear Aid 'Revivex' UV protection.
Optional Fly zipper (P-zip)
While undressing is not such a big deal, the provision of a waterproof fly zipper (P-zip) greatly adds to convenience for men, especially on long, cold days.
Optional hood

The (removable) hood provides protection against inclement weather both in and out of the water enabling you to extend your boating season even further.

Anfibio PackSuits are manufactured on demand and made in Germany!

Weight: 760g/800g (Size M/ Size L, neoprene neck, fabric dry socks; latex dry socks +90g).

Packing size: 25*10 cm

Material: 3-Layer System (Nylon, microporous Membran, Polyester), taped seams

Manschetten: Latex (wrist, neck, ankle)

Zipper: T-Zip Masterseal (air- and waterthight)

Breathability: 10.000 g/m²/24h 

Waterproofness: 15.000 mm

Cut: regular/wide fit, plenty room for underclothing

Ships with: Suit, T-Zip care

Colors: yellow, red, gray, black, yellow/black, red/black, gray/black










160 - 165

165 - 170

170 - 175

175 - 180

180 - 185

185 - 190


88 - 95

88 - 95

96 - 103

104 - 111

112 - 119

120 – 126

Shoe size36 - 3838 - 4042 - 4442 - 4444 - 4646

All dimensions in cm.

If you are not quite sure about your size, use our helpful sizing guide to measure yourself in detail and send the specs via order comment. We will then select the appropriate size and make it for you. We also offer custom/tailoring according to your personal specs upon request at an extra cost (50€ extra per measure, max. 150€). 

IMPORTANT - rule of thumb for checking the measures:
measure 1 + measure 2 + 25cm = measure 7 (± 2cm)

measure 1 = 63cm
measure 2 = 93cm
measure 7 = 180cm

63cm + 93cm + 25cm = 181cm (180cm + 1cm)

The ascertained reference value is 1cm above measure 7. So the ascertained measures are consistent.



Made in Germany

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